In-School Residencies

Professional artists teach in your classroom.

Bring the joy of dance, music and theater directly into your classroom with In-School Residencies. Our teaching artists engage students’ imaginations and encourage self-expression, and we customize each residency to meet the classroom teacher’s curricular needs. Every residency ends with a performance that teaches students confidence and cooperation.

If interested in the Mercer Musical Theater Program or Disney Musicals in Schools, click here.

“I have worked in this school as a physical ed teacher for over 12 years and this was one of the most positive learning experiences I have been fortunate enough to participate in. It brought a cohesion to each class and then to the entire 5th grade level. It helped children become more comfortable with their own bodies in space, and to be more patient with themselves and one another.”
– PE Teacher at Seth Boyden Demonstration School


Residency Descriptions

Examine world culture, invigorate your students' creative writing, and address the NJ Standards in the Arts. We’ll help you meet your curriculum goals in innovative ways.



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Success Stories

See how our in-school residencies have transformed classrooms across the state.


National Partnership Programs

National Partnership Programs include The Mercer Musical Theater Program and Disney Musicals Program.